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Composer and Pianist

David R. Peoples is a composer, performer, recording artist, poet, and music professor who has worked largely within the realms of traditional, experimental, jazz, and rock. Music has well and truly been David’s life work. He has a novel-worth of accolades and accomplishments, but he began simply figuring out interesting melodies and playing them on the piano – and then the horn, trumpet, and organ. By age 15, David had written his first award-winning composition for symphonic orchestra. Among other things, David’s toured extensively; lived, studied, and performed in Los Angeles, Austin, Memphis, and Atlanta (his current residence, at the foot of the Appalachian Mountains); won numerous national and international awards for composition; had his music premiered throughout North and Central America, Europe, and Asia; and heard one of his orchestral compositions performed at the Imagine Music Festival.

Dr. Peoples is currently a music professor at the University of North Georgia and is the founder of the Research on Contempory Music Conference (ROCC). ROCC has brought in performers and researchers from around the world to Georgia. He studied composition with renowned composers Kamran Ince, Jack Cooper, Jim Richens, John Mills, and Charles Richard.

David writes with a ginger ale in hand on a balcony surrounded by forest. It’s from here, surrounded by nature, that all of his music begins – before being released into and around the world. 

During the initial stages of the 2020 pandemic, I focused my attention to presenting public concerts outdoors. These concerts feature new and old electronic compositions - mostly for playback (sometimes with live performers)


Reflections Under a Flowering Branch

New Album featuring Keyboards and Local Sounds

Released June 15, 2020 - this album is on tour with Electrophonic Concerts.

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Itty-Bitty Bluesopera

New Album

The album is recorded and mixed! 

The album features a fusion of jazz, blues, avant-garde classical, and rock. There is an eclectic blend of artists - featuring blues vocals, operatic soprano, choruses, saxophones, trombone, harmonica, harp, synthesizer, piano, bass, and drums.

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