New album available January 1, 2019 featuring flute, cello, piano, drums/percussion, synthesizer

An eclectic mix that fuses jazz, world, classical, and new age sounds... at times with a quiet reverence and often boiling with energy



Contemporary Fusion Reviews

"I’ll tell you that songs like “Peach Blossom Spring” make the listening a most pleasant experience that you’ll be coming back to again & again… significant strains of jazz pervade, so it’s not (at all) your typical “New Age” release… just LOVE the piano on this tune, as well as the magical percussion that’s woven in between the notes."


Blogger News Network

"As a music reviewer I love to put artists in categories, David Peoples has his own special category! Some tracks, such as Dance Of The Flickering Flame have a jazz feel about them, but somehow David does not fully commit the track to the genre, he flirts with the idea, teasing the listener."


The JW Vibe

"The set wraps with a subtle tribal groove, dark chords and floating ambiences – and a final request: “Take Me to Elysian Fields.” It’s not often that a single album can take us in so many dynamic musical directions under a single concept. Looking for Utopia is an amazing musical triumph, driven by the mind and hands of a visionary musical storyteller."


Best New Age CDs

"One of my ultimate favorites on this creative, avant garde album is the title track “Looking for Utopia.” This could be any one of us embarking upon our journey and searching for nirvana. Quiet piano begins the piece, leading us into free-floating space, and then the song builds toward the hugely cinematic percussion in the center. The whole thing quiets down again with percussion fading out and we are left with soft piano; a different octave, a reflection in the crystal. . . or ourselves. Perhaps utopia is simply found within us all."